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Life Repair Intervention

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Life Repair is a Homicide Support Group for Mothers and Grandmothers who have lost loved ones due to homicides in their own communities. This is a 16-week session. This is a support group for twelve homicide victims that provides emotional support. The death of someone close to you through a violent crime is devastating and a traumatic experience. The goal of the group will be the Action Learning Approach to problem solving by facilitating the curriculum entitled ``Weapons of Self Destruction.” A Guidebook for women in the war against negative internal forces. This is a Guidebook that targets Black women, specifically..

Financial Literacy Education & Training Program

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Your Sister's Project is a national certified trainer with HSBC 

The HSBC Bank Your Money Counts financial capability program is designed to help individuals or families better understand various components of effective money management.

The components of the Your Money Counts program include the following workbooks, ideally used after participating in an HSBC in-person workshop, but available to anyone interested in learning more on these topics: 

  • Make Your Money Count - Budgeting Basics

  • Credit - Steps for Building Credit

  • Identity Theft - Protect Your Information

Your Agripreneurs Education & Training Programs

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Your Agripreneurs Education & Training provides training to youth ages 12 to 17 years of age to successfully complete Agripreneur simulation to demonstrate proficiency to produce developing business documents. The Agripreneur is designed to allow students to apply their Microsoft Office knowledge and skills in an integrated, real-world business setting.

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